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About us

Hi! Nice to meet you!

Synapsi.xyz has an astonishing synergy between experienc… yeah, you wouldn’t read it anyway, right? We neither.

TL;DR We like doing cool stuff for cool brands using the newest technology possible. We hire only brilliant people, we believe that a great atmosphere is essential and we have cool benefits.

MJ Krakowski

I am a software engineer with over a decade of commercial experience. Engineer to the bone, with passion for hacking and building things. Millions lines of code, thousands stories and hundreds of delivered projects later I decided that life’s too short to work on projects that - at the end of the day - doesn’t change anything in this world.

Łukasz Kąkol

I am a passionate software engineer with over five years of commercial experience in Python. I graduated Computer Science at Poznan University of Technology. Performance optimisation has no secrets for me. Automating everything around is my hobby. I am a true leader and a born speaker.

Michał Żelazkiewicz
Frontend/Mobile Consultant

I am a technology passionate and a developer with nearly ten years of expertise. I always want to make things better - my work, my self and my world. After years working in different companies I understood that if you want to have something done right, you have got to do it yourself. And here I am.

Kamil Kobierski
Business Analyst

I’m an analyst with over half a decade of commercial experience. I have a portfolio of successfully delivered solutions in areas of IT, Analytics, Marketing, Sales and Business Development, with focus on data related products and process optimisation. My biggest professional passion is making things better.